The Lovetuner Foundation is a California-based, non-profit organization with the mission to empower individuals and communities to heal through breath, frequency, and vibration. The Foundation’s purpose is to bring the healing power of mindfulness meditation through the combination of breathwork and the 528 Hz frequency to people of all ages and, in particular, to those who would otherwise not have access.
The Lovetuner Foundation’s historical focus has been in the educational sector, striving to inspire mindfulness in the next generation. It is our belief that the next generation is the source of change in our society. By incorporating mindfulness and meditation at a young age, we can teach selfempowerment, emotional control, and compassion for others. In 2014, Lovetuner first began working in the schools and in 2018 joined Pure Edge, a nonprofit organization that focuses on health and well-being in the education system. As a result, over 50,000 teachers and students have integrated Lovetuner practice into the school day, bringing calm and clarity to the classroom that enhances academic learning creates a marked reduction in bullying and school violence, and provides meaningful support for socio-emotional learning (SEL) and the development of important life skills.

Based on this success in the schools, the Lovetuner Foundation began working with veteran programs to help heal the scars of war and provide a drug-free solution to combat the effects of PTSD. The Lovetuner is also effective in suicide prevention and helping maintain mental health, and has also been shown to increase employee satisfaction, improve communication, and increase productivity by bringing a mindfulness approach to the corporate sector.

The Lovetuner Foundation teams up with Lovetuner and the Lovetuner Team Riders, special individuals from a variety of different fields and backgrounds who all share our mission to make this world a happier, healthier, more peaceful, and unified place, to bring to life the Lovetuner Mindfulness Programs. These programs teach people how to empower themselves and to enter into a frequency where they resonate with positivity. The Lovetuner is the tool that combines breathwork and sound healing. The simple breathing exercise that is done with the Lovetuner connects you to the 528 Hz frequency. The 528 Hz frequency is one of the significant Solfeggio Healing frequencies. As you use the Lovetuner, your own breath connects you to the 528 Hz frequency, which works on a cellular level to put you into a state of deep relaxation. In this state, you are able to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, work through trauma, enter a positive mindset, and resonate on a higher frequency.

The Lovetuner Mindfulness Programs have the power to change lives. Individuals walk away with a new outlook on life and with the tool to help them overcome obstacles and break down barriers.

The mission of the Lovetuner Foundation is to make the healing power of the Lovetuner available to everyone. The Lovetuner is more than a product, it is a peace and love mission, and the Lovetuner Foundation is the tool that makes it possible to make this healing tool available to everyone and to facilitate lifechanging programs for those who might experience hardship in accessing such a program.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to create a revolutionary change on our planet through vibration and frequency. Your donation can make a difference.